Corporate Profile

Beijing Hui Bao Yuan ( HebaBiz) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("Hui Bao Yuan ”) is an innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company, founded by an accomplished postdoctoral fellow, researcher, home-returning scholar from Yale University with his team, registered in 2011, and located in Beijing Zhongguancun Life Science Park. Hui Bao Yuan is dedicated to providing excellent solutions for clinically unmet treatments of tumors and metabolic diseases, and improve the quality standard of herbal medicine by applying cutting-edge biotechnology and to delivering higher quality Chinese herbal products to the market.

Hui Bao Yuan has established a National and Local- Joint Engineering Research Center for developing small molecule drugs, immunotherapy and building an internationalized systematic technology platform for Chinese herbal medicine. It owns hundreds of international and domestic patents and technologies and has developed a pipeline of 7 new drug candidates to treat liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, brain tumor, hepatitis B, metabolism-related fatty liver disease, and alcoholic fatty liver disease.

In addition to research and development, Hui Bao Yuan has also focused on the commercializing of innovative medicines, and has built a 68,000 square-meter manufacturing campus, with the capability producing a variety of Chinese herbal drugs and create ground-breaking medications in the future.


7 new drugs and technology in R&D


National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Anti-tumor Drug Development / Academician Lab / Postdoctoral Research and Practice Station


68000+ sq. GMP Manufacturing Plant

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